it em gai (“Little Sister”)

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dep hoa

Cat Lo Navy Base was nice. Mama-San would say some of the GI’s were

number ten “him number ten, him bad, you number one, you number one

GI, Soul Brother number one, Number one Gi.” Most of the Vietnamese

people were friendly. There was a small roll of shops a little ways

down the road I guess the first one was 50 yards away from the

front gate. These shops were closely group together, I’m thinking

maybe five different shops, small structures, I only remember one

because I ate there, hey some noodles with some kind of meat, we

were told not to eat their food, but I was not going to listen to

that bullshit. Why? Because I would see this petty 16 year old

black-African and Vietnamese girl in the area of one of these

shops. I never talk to her, I wanted to send her a message, I’ll

eat your food, I trust, I respect, I care. Hey I figured if they

loved her they were cool with me. I would look at her, but never

stare, to me she was a baby-san. I gave her two nick names “it em

gai” (little sister) and “dep hoa” (beautiful flower) not to

long after I got to Cat Lo I volunteered to go out to the boonies,

I went TDY (90 day) to Phu Coung by “it em gai”. I was concern for

my heath, you know, getting body parts blown off, the worst fucking

thing, fucking getting capture, fuck that, no fucking way! What was

weird i wasn’t afraid of death, I just didn’t give a fuck! PEACE!

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