“Midnight Cowboy”

IMG_2628.JPG“Midnight Cowboy”

Driving home from the coffee shop, you know the one by Liberty Park in Salt Lake,

this shlt just pops in my head.

Question: Have you been hit on by a person of the same sex?

Yes, No, Maybe?

Ok, sTORY time!📖


Vietnam 1969

i had a jacket made.

i rETURNED to San Diego, CA in 1970 after 365 days in the “Nam” (Vietnam)

Walking through a drug store wearing mY jACKET, in downtown “Diego” (San Diego)

This guy was looking at me hard, and following me through out the story

I don’t think he was security, either.

ii was like, O’well, just keep it moving!

mY jacket was just like the one Texas dishwasher Joe Buck (Jon Voight) wore in the

1969 movie Midnight Cowboy expect mINE’S lol, was bLACK, a bLACK jacket for a

bLACK “Midnight Cowboy”, you dig!, you feel me?!

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