2015-12-28 09.32.41.jpgSCARY KIND

Some cops in America are cowards, they will pull their hand gun for no


mE, 1969 on my way to Vietnam.
On a warm sunny beach in La

with friends, i was 19 at the time, 18 months out of Navy Boot Camp.

Horse play with some cute females and my friends on the beach.

I have a small blanket rapped around my
shoulders, i’m walking back to

the girls were with one of my male friends.

Two cops walk up, one pulls his hand gun, then points
it at my

chest three feet away.
I release the blanket, it falls to the sand,
No fear

in my eyes, none, the cop knows i’m not afraid of his gun.

You see he wants me to be afraid, fearful, scare, and when i’m not,

he wants to know who I am and where i come from.

I new all this in the blink on an eye!

mE: “What’s up?”

cop: “That’s the way Clint Eastwood carried his gun in the movie.”

mE: “I’m not Clint Eastwood and this is definitely not the movies.”

cop: “Show me some ID.”

I never even looked at the other cop, i wouldn’t
give him

any power over me.

SIDE BAR, i’m thinking really nigga (niggas come in all colors),

hope we don’t have ID.

mE: “Yes Officer, it’s other there, I point about 30
feet from where we’re

They have me and my friend show our ID’s.

I show my Military ID and my my friend, i don’t know what

he had, but he had ID.

The cops leave, trying to act like they’re not dis-

appointed, two sorry motherfuckers, La cops.

What’s fu@k up is, i like cops, if someone breaks in who you going to call?

Then it’s the cop that murders a 12 yr old 5 7′ 195 Lb little

bLACK child, if your ass is the scary kind, you Sir, don’t need

neither a fu@king gun nor badge. pEACE ☮

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