The rules of Hollywood and your middle america local colleges.

John is in a film production class at his local college. For his final project he and the group he’s in will have finish a four to seven minute film. Each student presents a story pitch to the class. The class consist of 10 women and 10 men for a total of 20 students. Only four story will be made from the twenty that are pitched, Five people to a group.
John’s story is about a mixed male who appears to be wHITE and a fellow student that is prejudice. The class voted on four other films, their vote their right,THE MAJORITY. Two of the films center around women, thats to be expected they make up 50% of the class. The group John is in has an interesting story, he’s happy about that. John’s pissed about
this fantasy story, it’s about a best selling book author that can’t read, how fucking dumb can this be, and to top it off the instructor in the class co-signs this bullshit. John thinks back to what the stories Were about, 75 % of the stories were about some fuck up fantasy that didn’t have an ending, so much for the majority. John liked his story, a story about a young Hispanic that was treated badly at his school, a rich woman that poison
a beggars bread, a guy not approaching a women, she wanted him to, the man with a lottery ticket. In a fantasy you can write any fucking thing an not be called out on it, which is safe and some bullshit.

For the most part minority stories are not told in Hollywood and their sure in thee fuck not told in middle america’s local colleges where the majority decides what stories will be told.

There can be no single answer to how minority-group differences in views and values are resolved — only the sure knowledge that only through the democratic process of tolerance, debate, and willingness to compromise can free societies reach agreements that embrace the twin pillars of majority rule and minority rights.

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