BROWN WATER Playlist Apple Music BROWN WATER Apple play list songs of the late 60’s The stories I’ve written are rough, I had to get them out of my system at that time.


THE MAJORITY RULE The rules of Hollywood and your middle america local colleges. John is in a film production class at his local college. For his final project he and the group he’s in will have finish a four to seven minute film. Each student presents a story pitch to the class. The class consistContinue reading “THE MAJORITY RULE”

Grandma’s Hands

A CHANGE IS GOING TO COME Adam is a 19 yr old male college student that is racially mixed that appears to be wHITE. He’s taking a Film Production Class, he and three other students are working on a film project together in a group. While working on the project Adam encounters a fellow studentContinue reading “Grandma’s Hands”